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How Does Good SEO Works -SEO-Talks

Keep business websites clean.

Web designers by nature are extremely bright, clever and inventive individuals, who are always seeking to create something new and "cool". However many of the clients for websites are business people who are the opposite end of life’s spectrum.

Mistakes for visitors to business websites

Flash and clever gimmicks which take ages to appear
Redirects that trap visitors
Complicated structure that visitors have difficulty in following
Pop ups that drive visitors crazy
Pages that exceed 30k in size - too slow to load for those on dial-up

Common SEO Mistakes

The Google search engine

The Google search engine is an astonishing invention that has proved to be a giant leap forward in helping internet searchers to find exactly what they want. In its continuous efforts to improve this service, it tries extremely hard to ensure that clever webmasters do not cheat

Common SEO Mistakes for possible ban by Google

There are various bans that can be applied by Google, including the following:-

Keyword ban by Google – this means that if the target keyword is “blue brass balloons”, a page for which this keyword is banned by Google will not appear in the ranking for this search term.

Site ban by Google – this means that the offending site is removed from the index. The future treatment by Google could be a complete ban for life on that domain name.

Server or IP ban by Google – this can either mean that all sites on that IP are no longer listed in Google, which is most unfortunate to say the least for sites that have not offended, or that computers using that IP can no longer access the Google search engine to make searches.

These are some of the reasons:-

Hidden text e.g. white text on white background
Signing lots of guestbooks
Pointing several domain names onto the same site without using 301
Use of doorway pages
Lack of knowledge on Google’s policy on links from same IP
Linking to link farms; links from others cannot possibly harm you
Links or alts from invisible or tiny GIFs

Common SEO Mistakes for possible problems with Google

From Google Dec. 11th 2003

Dynamic URL's
Session ID's
Using frames
Java applets navigation
H1's altered by CSS
Splash pages
Too many parameters

While Google does not apear to penalise for excessive KW density, others do.

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